Friday, November 27, 2009

PADI Skydiver Game

Whilst surfing the internet today, I found a game from PADI. Absolutely mind numbing...but then they add wind speed. So you HAVE to check it out. I scored on my second attempt.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Teen Co-Ed Winter Camp in Seattle

Winter break...the time when you get to hang out with all of your favorite relatives...

Need a recess?

Come join us as we Discover Scuba over Winter Break. Two options on this one. For the teens who just want to complete their coursework and pool sessions in the winter, we can do that. You can complete your Open Water dives on your next vacation, or later this summer when the air warms up.
If you're brave enough to wear a wetsuit in the chilly air (note...we're hoping for a White Christmas here at GirlDiver headquarters) and do your Open Water dives...well...we're game there too. It's your's up to you!

Dec. 21 Class - (really...I'll make this fun...promise!)

Dec. 22 Pool - (time to learn some skills and play in the water with scuba gear)

Dec. 23 Dive #1 & #2 (for those who are brave enough)

Dec. 28 Class

Dec. 29 Pool

Dec. 30 Dive 3 & 4 (or if we have no takers...we'll do a pizza party this day)

And don't's only three or four hours each you'll still have time for your great aunt Agnes to pinch your cheeks at home.

Course without dives: $150 (Open Water dives can be added at a later date for full certification)

Course with dives: $299 (includes full certification from PADI)

To register...or find out more info.... CLICK HERE

Friday, September 11, 2009

Teen Dive Club

Dive Club Leader Wanted

Too often we have teen divers come through our program without the opportunity to continue diving after certification.

We are wanting to start a Teen Dive Club, however, we NEED this to be run by teens and just overseen by the GirlDiver Team.

If you are a teen who loves to dive, let us know...and THIS can be YOUR page!! We're ready to rock 'n roll the teen dive world. Who's with us?